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About ED

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) primarily refers to the inability of an sexually aroused man to get normal penile erection. It becomes difficult or almost impossible for the man to attain harder erection to complete satisfactory sexual intercourse.This is the case that is experienced regardless of complete sexual stimulus.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) varies from person to person, there are men having difficulty in getting an erection, and others fail to sustain it throughout the process of sexual intercourse. There is also a category of men experiencing lazy erection where it is partial and not firm. Irrespective of any condition, if a man is experiencing any one of the above; then he is surely going through a sexual trouble what is called as Erectile Dysfunction.

ED is a clinical condition can be easily treated with the help of proper medical treatments. Generally, the condition is kept secretive by men, as it's a sexual issue and cannot be discussed comfortably with the third person. Hence, it is advisable to be open about this issue and discuss with your doctor to get rid of it in a proper and healthy way.

WHAT CAUSES impotence in men

  • Nicotine and Anti-Depressants
    Regular consumption of heavy drugs can be the reason behind developing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men. Anti-depressant drugs and nicotine are referred as the core performers in ruining sexual abilities in men.

  • Smoking and drinking alcohol
    A large amount of alcohol can cause interim erectile dysfunction which can be difficult to work out without medical help; while excessive smoking can permanently damage the blood vessels resulting in poor blood flow to the organ.

  • Spinal or brain injury in the past
    Traumatic brain injuries can miserably impact on the overall health of the person. Brain is the most important part of a human anatomy, the organ controls the signals of whole body making a person to carry out daily activities. When Erectile Dysfunction is concerned, when a person is sexually stimulated, the brain sends signals to male genitals to help him attain harder erection. Injuries in brain and spinal areas disturb the natural message sending process resulting in erectile failures despite of sexual stimulation.

  • Neurological problems
    Any psychological disorder such as depression, stress etc.These neural disorders can miserably affect the overall health of the person.ED is a condition associated to feelings of getting erotic, and conditions like depression completely cease the process of feeling positive or erotic.Although it cannot be the sole causative factor but can aggravate the condition of ED in the moving period.

  • Parkinson´s disease
    In this case the patient feels rigidity of muscles accompanied with a condition of tremor;this results in slowing of movement and in some cases loss of movement as well.It is known to cause retrogress in the physical condition of the patient.This condition affects various body organs and male penile can be one.

  • Alzheimer´s disease
    A common form of dementia, its early symptoms results in memory loss of the patient. Alzheimer's disease is considered as a degenerative disorder and if not diagnosed at an early stage could lead turn up issues like long-term memory loss, mood swings, language breakdown and numerous other declined problems.

  • Venous Leak
    In this condition the blood flowing to male organ cannot be controlled and retained by compression of veins in corpora cavernosa. This completely affects the erectile abilities of the organ resulting in weak erection.

  • Peyronie´s disease
    A disorder where a fibrous envelope of tissue in the corpora cavernosa leads to abnormal straightening of the penile. This condition is found to develop erectile dysfunction in many men.

While most of these disorders are evitable,certain ED causes simply cannot be worked on; men who suffer from ED need to understand that it can be treated in many ways and with very less efforts and investments. Whether it is surgery or an oral medication, treating it with an appropriate approach is of utmost importance to lead a healthy life ahead.

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The medicine should be consumed with an interval of 24 hours between two consecutive dosages. Filitra works the best when consumed in moderation. Around 30 minutes prior to sexual copulation makes it a reliable formula which proves effective. The oral tablets can be consumed with or without food, and there is no specific regulation before or after consuming the drug. Alcohol and any other hard drinks should be avoided; these drinks lower the performance of Filitra.

Side effects:

Filitra can turn up some side-effects and reactions over consumption. The commonly observed changes may include headache, facial flushing, dizziness, upset stomach, nasal congestion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea etc. These are the commonly observed troubles and generally turn off within a very short period of time. On observance of any severe or chronic reactions, immediate medical assistance should be taken.