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The Privacy Policy of online drug store is made while considering some of the best possible ways for safeguarding the personal information that the customers provide while placing an order. Those are getting information on Filitra medications from this informative site. Some of the Privacy policy is mentioned below and following health services and some of the products that are sold by us.

  • Assured Confidentiality: Since we also believe in sustaining some of the high standards while coming to safeguarding our customers’ details, we might also have always exercised utmost carefulness and wariness in online business might be dealing with these medications. Customers’ details, including name, e-mail address, mailing address, some of the telephone numbers, and other credit card details are not shared with a third party under any of the circumstances. All the details that are submitted might be used only for furnishing their account details in case the customer might not able to know and shall eventually access the website. Above all, information is known for safeguarding while making use of some advanced technology
  • No Spam: as an online drug store might have always adhered to our privacy policy might be quite religiously. We might all respect privacy and shall not share any email ID of any customer to the third party as noted. This might also eliminate some of the possibility of the customer receiving unsolicited emails from a third party or anyone who might be apart from us
  • Copyright: For every material that is well displayed under this online drug store, the logo, images, and content is owned by The medicine originally is created for uniqueness and some of the quality as information. All publishing and displaying items here in any form are not copied or even printed from any other website. One might also need written permission for making use of the logos and any other information from this online drug store. All our trademarks and property are legal and all of the unauthorized usages are completely prohibited by the law and to be noted well.


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