Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale and Usage

The information under the Filitra.com store is all legally undertaken by customers and people accessing this online store. For purpose of these Terms of Sale is a request for a prescription and supply of solutions or medicine must be referred to as ‘information or ‘about the product’.

These informed Terms & Conditions are important and they must be accepted before getting information or ordering from this online store. The store is aimed at ensuring the customers and patients know their responsibilities regarding the use of tablets, medicines, and treatments available from this online store.

Medical Related Terms & Conditions

Know that the medications offered here are mentioned under this Terms of Sale section and they are general legal conditions. Filitra.com shall at times be referred to in such terms as ‘this website.

  1. Customers are also authorizing informative pharmacists of Filitra.com online drug store for providing appropriate information on the medication as per the need of the patient
  2. The customer is known for taking complete responsibility for any effects, benefits, side effects, or grievances that might have occurred as a result of consuming this pill
  3. Customers who are accessing this particular website are confirming that they are over 18 years of age
  4. Customers are using this information of websites that are confirming all the products that they purchase are for their consumption
  5. Customers getting complete information from this online drug store are taking full legal responsibility for taking the products and some of the similar medications into their country of residence or country they specify on the delivery address


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